Battery Services

Automotive battery maintenance is crucial for ensuring the reliable starting, functioning, and longevity of a vehicle. The battery is responsible for providing the initial power needed to start the engine and for powering various electrical systems and accessories while the engine is off. A poorly maintained battery can result in slow cranking, no start, and complete battery failure, which can leave the vehicle stranded and require costly repairs. Regular battery maintenance includes checking the electrolyte level, cleaning the terminals, ensuring proper cable connections, and testing the voltage and charging system. Neglecting battery maintenance can also cause damage to other electrical components, such as alternators and starters, leading to additional repairs and expenses. By ensuring proper battery maintenance, vehicle owners can avoid these issues, extend the lifespan of the battery, and ensure the reliable performance of their vehicles. At Discount Tire & Battery, we pledge to the most trustworthy and experienced technicians to ensure that your car gets the best attention and care it deserves.


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